CYBER T20 V2.0 (Women and Child Cyber Safety – Special Series)

The bigger and better version of Cyber T20 v2.0 will be launched in 2021 as a part of global “CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS MONTH – OCTOBER’21” on all Saturdays and Sundays at 06:00 P.M IST live online. This year we hook up additional 20 minutes slot for interaction with expert speaker. We are happy to introduce our prime associate for 2021, ‘Society for Cyber Safe India’ ( as we are targeting this v2.0 series to be awareness sessions on ‘Cyber Safety for Women and Children in INDIA. The following are the estimated list of focuses to be addressed by expert speakers.

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • 01. Types of Cyber Crime affecting the Safety of Women
  • 02. Challenges faced by Children’s via Cyber Trafficking
  • 03. Overcome Cyber Bullying-Stalking-Harassment
  • 04. Cyber laws for Women and Child Protection
  • 05. Recent Cyber Crime Cases in India
  • 06. Avoid the danger of ‘Deep Fake’
  • 07. International & Indian Initiatives
  • 08. Play safe girls: Cyber Defence
  • 09. Cyber Grooming-Defamation
  • 10. Prevent CSAM in India
  • (* Subjected to change w.r.t expert speakers)

CYBER T20 V2 OCT-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Security Relevance and Job Opportunities

Mr. Kottaram Viswanathan Ramesh, Director and Chief Vision Officer in SkillsDA Cyber security -Advanced Learning Centre

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-10 OCT-31-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Crime - Spotting the Red Flags

Mr. Srivathsan Chellam, Internal Auditor, People Leader, Risk Management Professional, US Retail Chain

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-09 OCT-30-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Stalking

Ms. Santhya Rajendran, Founder - ABG Cyber Solutions & Society for Cyber Safe India

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-8 OCT-24-2021

Men Speaker

Play Safe Girls

Ms. Vandana Verma, President - InfoSec Girls, India

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-7 OCT-23-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Crimes against Women

Mrs. Shivani Sharma, Founder - KLEAP.IN

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-6 OCT-17-2021

Men Speaker

Deep Fake

Mr. Dipanshu Parashar, Founder - Virtual Cyber Labs, India

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-5 OCT-16-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Laws in India

Ms. Roseann Rajan, Founder, Grace Law Associates & Advocate, Madras High Court

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-4 OCT-10-2021

Men Speaker

Digital Shakti

Ms. Jancie Verghese, Cyber Lawyer & Cyber Security Specialist, CyberPeace Foundation, India

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-3 OCT-09-2021

Men Speaker

Cyber Trafficking

Dr.Devasitham - Head, Strategic Development, International Justice Mission (IJM)

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-2 OCT-03-2021

Men Speaker

Prevent CSAM in India

(Mr. Prasad Patibandla - Director at CRCIDF)

CYBER T20 V2 MATCH-I OCT-02-2021

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