Cyber T20 Series

Cyber T20 Series

Cyber T20 Series (Learn20:Practice20)

Cyber T20 Series (Learn20:Practice20) is the flagship event of ABG Cyber Solutions ( is a shortened and concept-filled webinar series initiated in 2020. This series has greatly succeeded in spreading cyber awareness around the general public and specifically towards budding student’s community within a short span on one hour every match. Expert speakers from Cyber Security will spend 20 minutes to throw the limelight over a specific cyber domain and next 20 minutes to demonstrate and share cyber investigation strategies followed over the real world cyber-attacks with respect to the domain. Finally, the participants will evaluate themselves for a short MCQ Quiz for the final 20 minutes and winners will be awarded ‘Man of the Match’ awards to encourage their dedicated time spent on understanding the domain within the hour. The following were the topics discusses every match by subject matter experts from the corresponding domains.

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Footprinting and OSINT
  • Password Security
  • Internet Security
  • Phishing/Smishing/Vishing/Whaling
  • Cyber Stalking (Webcam Vulnerabilities)
  • Introduction to Mobile Device Security
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery
  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Risk Management – CVSS Scoring
  • Introduction to Android Reverse Engineering
  • Introduction to Web Application Security
  • Introduction to IoT Security
  • Introduction to Wireless Security
  • Art of Data Hiding – Crypto and Stego.,
  • Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • Autopsy Tool for Digital Forensics
  • Introduction to OS Forensics
  • Introduction to Bug Bounty
  • Careers in Cyber Security - Birds Eye View


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